Month: July 2003


Update: This post refers to the concept of a failing project, not any particular project. No, I didn’t misspell the title. I am trying to convey the horrendous nature of watching a project hurl itself into failure. I’ve been hired by management several times to reverse a failing project. My optimism about being able to… Read more »

Project Postmortem

You plan projects for weeks, months, years but when its all over is a project postmortem a part of your process? A postmortem analyzes the project from start to finish and offers opinions as to what went right and what went wrong. Computer gaming companies seem to conduct postmortem efforts more than other types of… Read more »

Would You Risk Your Life?

My youngest son asked me an odd question, odd for a child, but even odder for a six year old child. He asked me if I would risk my life for him. I didn’t bat an eyelash with my response, and I’m sure there wasn’t anything terribly deep about his question. When I asked him… Read more »

First Blogger?

My great-great grand uncle, Stephen F. Fleharty, may have been the first blogger. Although it was common practice for soldiers in the Civil War to write regular letters home or to the local newspaper editors, Fleharty did one better. He actually authored his own column, “Jottings from Dixie”. Like today’s bloggers, perhaps he fashioned his… Read more »

UserLand Trackback Test

So what the heck is a TrackBack and what is it used for? Read the MT manual’s definition page for TrackBack. Here’s SixApart’s specification for it. A couple of different definition pages here and here (Tom Coates). Here’s a working example at Mitch Kapor’s site. UserLand has a definition of how they will be using… Read more »

Background Image Repeating

Have you found a great graphic that you’d like as your webpage background? Only one problem, once you put it on the page, it repeats across when you only wanted to see it once. Here’s the fix. Insert this into the head section of your html page. That’s the part where the title is. It… Read more »

Project Management – Native American Perspective

Anders Jacobsen talks about Dakota Indian Tribal Wisdom on Project Management. Here are a few others with added items for the list: Management and Horse Racing

Hiring Software Developers

I’m definitely not wet behind the ears, suffering from being too green or a software or internet newbie. Instead, I’m more like in the valley over the hill when it comes to software development. I’ve been leading and participating in projects for more than 24 years. Yet, when I go on interviews its much more… Read more »

Project Communication with Blogging

Communication or the lack of it can make or break a software development project. One of the simplest solutions to establishing a strong level of project communication is to establish a central repository for everything the project does. A blog can provide that repository, establishing a central location where team members can share both verbal… Read more »

Blogging Trials and Tribulations

I setout this morning to write a combination script that would allow people to subscribe to either my MT notification list or my Bloglet XML feed subscription. I was trying to see if I could allow them to do both. As I perked it over, I thought it would be nice to allow them to… Read more »