Month: December 2003

Don't Quit!

There are many business skills that should be learned during your business lifetime. But there are three that must be lived. Perseverance, toughness, and tenacity. In other words, the ability to not give up, despite overwhelming adversity. Lincoln was a dismal political failure before he became president. Yet, he didn’t stop trying. What one thing… Read more »

Keeping Promises vs Resolutions

Each year some of us make New Years resolutions, very few of us keep them. They get lost in the reality of our everyday existence. If you make them this year, do something different. Decide what you truly want for your business. What will it take to make that happen? Make a list of what… Read more »

Offline Posting

Test posting from my handheld. I’m testing various methods I can use to post to my blog. So far, the most promising is Zempt. Its an offline tool that allows me to add new entries, modify existing ones and write/save entries offline.

Watering the Money Tree

My mother visits from San Bernardino during each major holiday and every couple of weeks. She is an angel to also volunteer to fold clothes, clean up the kitchen, help with cooking, and most importantly offer water to my meager collection of plants. She always notices if my money tree needs watering. I purchased a… Read more »

Merry Christmas

If you haven’t stopped by my website lately, be sure and give it a glance. I’ve put up a Christmas homepage. I’m planning on putting up a new page each month.

Zempt Posting

I’m testing blogging software. Zempt is the latest evaluation. This post was done using Zempt. Now I’m updating it.

Is Website Personalization Useful or Useless?

While beginning the design phase for a website project just two years ago, the customer expressed a need for a personalized website. When the need originally came up, personalization was the rage, but my thought was, why? Why would this site need personalization and what would its ROI be for the client? Would more people… Read more »

Knitting Blogs

I’ve been blogging away, trying to maintain my topics on business related entries. But I can’t resist mentioning finding Knitting Blogs. Now I’m not a knitter, I’m a crocheter, so I went looking for crochet blogs. I found a few included in the Knitting Blogs webring, but didn’t find a Crochet Blog webring. I found… Read more »

MT Blogging Tools – SharpMT

I”m evaluating an offline MT blogging tool. SharpMT, available at RandyRants. So far, it looks great. It enables me to write my posts while offline. When I’m done, I can choose to post them or decide to save them locally for later. He even has a pocket version. I posted this entry and it worked… Read more »

Vegetable Brain Soup

My brain resembles soup at the moment. I’ve reached my daily overload limit and am unable to comprehend or process any other information, yet it keeps coming. So, unlike my usual nightly activity of spending yet more time on the computer, I’m going to rest this weary processor (my brain) before it blows its motherboard…. Read more »