Year: 2004

The Last Whale

I read this on December 8, in CNN as a title. Bypassed it. Then I came across it again today on NetGrrl. It seems there is a whale whose song has been recorded for the past 12 years. The whale is a baleen whale, but the sound doesn’t match any known species. A wandering soul,… Read more »

If You Haven't Got a Penny

The impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Asia is overwhelming. The first numbers were in the single thousands, then yesterday, they jumped to the twenty thousand mark. As of this morning it was nearly 50,000 and as of this afternoon, it is up to more than 70,000 and growing. If you have the money,… Read more »

Eight Habits of Financial Consultants

After finding out that three of the most influencial, charismatic and successful people I know come from a financial consultant background, I started to think about what else they have in common. Hard knock life – Each of them comes from a life that wasn’t filled with silver spoons in their mouths. They learned the… Read more »

Tony Harrison is Blogging!

Tony read my ebook, Your First Blog and he has his first two postings up. He’s a first time blogger, but I know his writing ability will lead to a great blog. Tony – you are now linked from my blog to yours. Now, your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to link… Read more »

Blogs Replacing Portals

John Robb quoted some numbers from an article concerning the use of Klognets vs. portals. Although his entry was back in September, I wanted to get these numbers in here for propserity and those who missed the article. Assumptions for the article were a 5,000 person organization. Costs Portal: $4M K-Log: $710,000 ROI Portal: 240%… Read more »

Prince of the Pod

The gadget guy is asking for links so that Adam Curry will ‘release’ an MP3 of Prince of the Pod. Since I sent him the lyrics, of course I want him to!

Visual Basic

In a former life, I was a certified Visual Basic instructor. I’d used VB since before it was a product and through version 6 on various projects, but had put it away. Two years ago, I picked up the mobile version and coded an application for ticket surveyors using IPAQs. It has always been easy… Read more »

If you had any doubts…

If you had any doubts as to how quickly something can expand onto the internet via the blogosphere…take a look: It seems that some test data snuck onto Target and Amazon’s websites and some bloggers found it. No, Target and Amazon don’t sell illegal drugs. We programmers sometimes get a little crazy with the test… Read more »

Disgruntled, Underpaid and Overworked

I worked on a project a few years back where we worked 60, 70, 80 hour work weeks. Some of the developers were away from their families and frequently came into the office for the lack of something better to do. This story from a disgruntled spouse of a developer reminded me of why the… Read more »

Happy Birthday Sam

November 18 marks my daughter Samantha’s 17th birthday. She is a magnificent daughter, despite her ability to drive me nuts. Her abilities and capabilities amaze me. She’s been blogging since she entered teenhood, long before I found out she even knew what one was. She excels at just about anything she sets her mind. Although… Read more »