Month: November 2004

If you had any doubts…

If you had any doubts as to how quickly something can expand onto the internet via the blogosphere…take a look: It seems that some test data snuck onto Target and Amazon’s websites and some bloggers found it. No, Target and Amazon don’t sell illegal drugs. We programmers sometimes get a little crazy with the test… Read more »

Disgruntled, Underpaid and Overworked

I worked on a project a few years back where we worked 60, 70, 80 hour work weeks. Some of the developers were away from their families and frequently came into the office for the lack of something better to do. This story from a disgruntled spouse of a developer reminded me of why the… Read more »

Happy Birthday Sam

November 18 marks my daughter Samantha’s 17th birthday. She is a magnificent daughter, despite her ability to drive me nuts. Her abilities and capabilities amaze me. She’s been blogging since she entered teenhood, long before I found out she even knew what one was. She excels at just about anything she sets her mind. Although… Read more »

Please ignore

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Time to Remember the Troops

Veterans Day is a perfect time to send an email greeting to our troops serving overseas. You can do so at: Operation Dear Abby. Please send them a greeting, they have sacrificed so much for us, for our country. Here’s a few ways you can say thank you to all the other veterans. Do you… Read more »

The Podcasting Generation

Lots around about podcasting. BuzzMachine’s take on it caught my eye. Everyday, you are bombarded with information from multiple sources. Its pushed on your from all sides. Television, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers, all available 24/7 to overwhelm you. At the same time, we have lots of free time on our hands as we busily hop… Read more »

IPodder 1.1

I’ve been playing in iPod land with podcasting. Lots of brave souls out there broadcasting anything you can think of. Downloaded the new version (1.1) of iPodder today. Has a great improvement on the way you can add feeds from the directory at Played with recording a video using the methods that are used… Read more »