Month: September 2006

Just Solve the Problem

A client of mine is dealing with a problem I see over and over and it all stems from a lack of communication. The employees spend most of their time dealing with who did what, when they did it, why they did it incorrectly and worst of all, who is responsible for the whole mess…. Read more »

The Problem with Email

One of my clients experienced an issue with the lack of email communication follow up. You’ve had it happen to you. The client says “I sent you x emails and I never heard back from you.” It may have cost a sale, a lead or just an extra bit of email fur flying back and… Read more »

RSS Rudeness

I read lots of blogs via my RSS reader. Some I receive via email notification. Lately I’ve noticed that many of the RSS feeds and the email notifications no longer contain content. Just an irritating blurb that if I want to read the posting I have to visit the blog or website. That’s why I… Read more »

Switching Gears to a New Newsletter Provider

If you’ve been sending a newsletter, you’re probably familiar with opt-in and opt-out approaches. You’re likely familiar with the heavy hitting approaches that Newsletter Service Providers insist on to protect people that subcribe to your newsletter. If not – here’s how it works. You’ve got an establish list of 2,000 email readers. But you know… Read more »

Backup Strategies

Backing up is essential. If you haven’t done a backup and then you’re just a sucker punch away from losing your data. Picture coming in one morning and not having your 1,000 stored emails. All your marketing information is lost. The website you made a change to last week but hadn’t uploaded yet. The photos… Read more »

How not to use blogging software

Kairosnews brings up the point that WordPress is not a content management system and shouldn’t be pushed to be one. This post compares WP to a small box of legos when a CMS system is a large tub. With the small box, you’ll be able to build a car, but won’t be able to stretch… Read more »

Email Backlog

We’ve all experienced it. Leave for a quick holiday weekend, Christmas, a business trip and your inbox becomes a toxic sludge pile. All the spam that creeped by your spam solution. All the FYIs and CCs. The requests that are already overdue. They all blink at you. Its all to daunting a task for your… Read more »

Do Blogging Tools Make a Productivity Difference?

I’m using WordPressDash to post this entry. Its a Mac Widget that allows me to post an entry to my blog without opening a browser window, logging in, etc. I’ve used other tools to create my posts. I’m wondering if they really make a difference in productivity. Does using a tool encourage me to post… Read more »