Month: January 2007

Should I Upgrade to Vista Now?

I made a decision to be ready for Vista last year when I purchased my new computer. I made sure it had enough memory and a dual processor that could handle the load. But now that its ready for release, I’m going to wait a bit to upgrade. Should I upgrade to Vista Now or… Read more »

Toleration Pain Realization

When you have an injury or an illness you’ve had for a long time, and you are able to finally free yourself from it, there is frequently a realization that comes over you – “I was in a lot of pain”. You didn’t realize it at the time, but once its gone… The same can… Read more »

Who is in charge here?

I watched my car’s life flash before my eyes during a minor fender bender. I had the right of way – she didn’t yield – she plowed into the front bumper of my car. With a neck and shoulder pain and my health history, off to the emergency room we went. Hours ticking by. A… Read more »

Microsoft Outlook – How to Make it Worse

As I type this post I still can’t believe it. I’m literally stunned. If you haven’t already heard, I’m talking about the recent news that Outlook 2007, released next month, will stop using Internet Explorer to render HTML emails and instead use the crippled Microsoft Word rendering engine. via Campaign Monitor I receive a lot… Read more »

That Thing You're Writing is a Post – Not a Blog

I’m seeing new bloggers referring to a new entry in their blog as “Writing a new blog”. A bit confusing. Think of it as a page in a book. You don’t write a new book everytime you write a new page or a chapter. You post an entry to your blog. Obviously, its your blog,… Read more »