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Learning How to Let People Fail

Working on understaffed and overtasked projects, projects with impossible goals, crummy software, lousy furniture, broken computers, horrible design, antiquated methods, everything you can think of that makes a project suck – all pale in comparison to the person in charge who is swimming in a pool of sharks and refuses to ask for help.

Its so hard to stand on the sidelines and watch the sharks circle, so hard in fact, that frequently we jump in with the victim in a blind effort to ‘save’ them. Like the bystander that jumps in to save a drowning person and loses their life – it can cost us and our project far too much.

Is there a way to save a person who doesn’t want to be saved? As a consultant, that’s usually my job. Save a project that’s gone too far down the drain to be saved. I end up patching this, band-aiding that, get it running – then come back in and reconstruct it the right way from the other side.

But if I’m not being asked for my opinion or help, how do I just stand along the sidelines and watch the person go down for the third time? If I’ve offered to help and its been ignored or discarded? How do I watch them make extra work for themselves, ignore tools that will help, do everything themselves, do it all the hard way?

How do we learn to let people fail?

Goals for 2008: Increase my typing speed

My twenty year old daughter, like many of her peers was raised on computers and is constantly online one way or another. Her cell phone has IM capability and she spends more time on it then she does on the phone itself.

When she’s typing I hear her fingers flying across the keyboard. I’m a bit jealous given that I’m a programmer and should have flying fingers as well. So I took a typing test at I’m sure she’d beat me easily, but I scored a 50WPM – not bad.

I’m going to add increasing my typing speed as a goal for this year. What’s your typing speed?

Happy 2008

My (Mac) wishes for the coming year:

1. The 1.1.3 iPhone Update is more than a leak, turns into a gusher and is on the immediate horizon. Here’s hoping it will bring all the goodies that we’ve been pining for. (Can I ask for a way to sync my Todos?)

2. Leopard fixes its glitches so we can stop whining and all the programs we use most update to support Leopard.

3. A new iPhone will not release until sometime later in the year, after the existing one cleans up. I don’t want to get ticked off and have to buy a new one.

4. Omnifocus releases with the progressive improvements that Omnigroup has been giving us over the last year. Its a great product – but I know they can do better. I always hate when a teacher says that, but this is software, not my 10 year old. A better interface would be nice.

5. I find a replacement for OneNote on my Mac. I love the OneNote concept – but I hate using a PC.

Anyone care to add a wish of their own?