Month: January 2008

Keeping Your Email Organized

It’s such a task to keep on top of your email inbox. But there is hope and help available. ClearContext Corporate Weblog Top 5 Ways to Get a Handle on Your Inbox – Monika Mundell Dealing with Information Overload Empty Your Inbox with the Trusted Trio TechNet Blogs Categories in Outlook 2007 WebWorkerDaily… Read more »

Learning How to Let People Fail

Working on understaffed and overtasked projects, projects with impossible goals, crummy software, lousy furniture, broken computers, horrible design, antiquated methods, everything you can think of that makes a project suck – all pale in comparison to the person in charge who is swimming in a pool of sharks and refuses to ask for help. Its… Read more »

Office 2008 – My OneNote Answer?

Yes, I know, Office is the ugly step sister we don’t want at the wedding. Or as Merlin Mann refers to it – the mascara-smeared Gloria Swanson of word processors. But take a look at the notes feature, I’m such a sap for a sexy interface. I will not buy Office 2004 until I’m convinced… Read more »

Sunrise, Sunset

Ramona sure gets its share of sunsets. In this one, the sun has just finished setting over the hills behind us and a jet has left its trail in orange.

Goals for 2008: Increase my typing speed

My twenty year old daughter, like many of her peers was raised on computers and is constantly online one way or another. Her cell phone has IM capability and she spends more time on it then she does on the phone itself. When she’s typing I hear her fingers flying across the keyboard. I’m a… Read more »

Happy 2008

My (Mac) wishes for the coming year: 1. The 1.1.3 iPhone Update is more than a leak, turns into a gusher and is on the immediate horizon. Here’s hoping it will bring all the goodies that we’ve been pining for. (Can I ask for a way to sync my Todos?) 2. Leopard fixes its glitches… Read more »