What I'm thank for…

I’m thankful for wonderful clients who respect me and my work. I’m thankful for a terrific bunch of kids, including a new addition (new son-in-law). I’m thankful for a supportive and loving spouse. I’m thankful for a mom who has been a godsend during this stressful year. I’m thankful for my house and that its still ours and still standing. I’m thankful for new medical devices and treatments that are keeping me alive and kicking. I’m thankful for friends I can count on. I’m thankful for technology that keeps me employed, interested and excited every day.

Business in 1800 (and 1897)

Found this little tidbit of an article from the New York Times published in 1897. According to the PDF of the original article, getting information to your clients was a far cry from our communication rich environment. Before the time of mail delivery, you had to rely on human delivery. There were no envelopes, no stamps, no postal boxes hanging in front of your house. To deliver a letter you were charged high rates and it would take several days for ‘human delivery’.

At the TCOYD Conference

I attended the TCOYD conference November 22, 2008. Although it was a perfectly acceptable conference, I did notice a major absence of smaller companies at the event. All the big guys were there, the drug companies, the pump companies, the meter companies, the well funded companies. I was really looking forward to seeing pump clothing, pump accessories and case manufacturers. Not a single company was there offering anything close to what I was looking for. There were more than 2,000 pancreatic-ally challenged folk there, it was disappointing. Am I seeing the financial situation impacting who could attend and who could not make the investment to travel to the event? Its interesting to think how widely the economy affects everything we do.

There were a handful of people with animals in the lead. I love to see the hard working dogs guiding their owners. One in particular had ‘passed out’ in anticipation of working harder later, Skip we were told, knows exactly when to catch a quick nap in between events.

Advertising Yourself

Last year Chris Brogan put up a list of 100 topics he hoped someone would write about. I put it on my list of things to blog about and, well to be honest forgot about it.

Let’s see how Chris’ list can spark my brain. One of his items is ‘Turning Media into a Business Card’. And what did I find? 3d business cards at snapily.com. Twenty cards for about 8 bucks. They’re holographic and heavy weight paper. I also love moo.com, a printing company that creates unusual products like a sticker book and a nifty set of mini cards for promoting your photos. Creativebits.org has a great list of ideas for business cards.

Making Yourself More Twitterific

If you’re just venturing into Twitter or you’ve been at it for awhile, we’re all looking for ways to make us stand out in the crowd.

First off, why do you Twitter in the first place? A great article on Business Week by John A. Byrne on Why I Twitter.

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Translated – book learning. I listen to audiobooks when I hit the pillow at night. Usually works, sometimes not. Last few nights I’ve been up late with website development, so I end up repeating the same process.

Download a book I want to read. This time its James Patterson’s Cross Country.
Sync iPod.
Take iPod to bed and hook up headphones.
Listen for about 10 minutes, then drift into thinking.
Skip listening for a few minutes, rewind to where I started.
Listen all over again because I have no idea where I stopped listening.
Fall asleep.
iPod keeps going until end of audiobook.
I haven’t heard a thing, I have no idea where I left off.
Repeat process next night.
I wish there was a way it could detect when I nod off and go to sleep too.

Does anyone have anything they listen to everynight on their iPod?