Are Bullies Alive in the Blogosphere?

Kathy Sierra blogs about helping users to have a better online experience. Her last post reminds us that all is not well in the Blogosphere and bullies can inhabit any community.

Kathy has received death threats via posts on other blogs. It shocked her that people would write nasty postings, doctor photos of her and repost them.

Kathy has elected to take the high road and stop posting for awhile. I applaud any effort she feels she needs to take to feel better about her safety and the company she keeps. Contact the police, contact the FBI, contact the people who provide the websites for these people. Stand up to make yourself feel safe Kathy. But pointing fingers has a price too. There are always two sides to every issue – and this one may indeed be blown out of proportion by the time it escalates itself across the web.

My daughter endured an online bullying episode a few years ago. Despite numerous attempts on our part, the photos and comments are still online.

These are the same bullies that taunted you in Junior High. They just have bigger toys to play with now. Do they still need to be reported to the principal? This is yet another toleration – and one each of us, as bloggers need to decide whether we’ll tolerate or act upon the acts.

What’s your stance? Does anyone have the right to blog about any topic and anyone? Or is there a line drawn and the crossers of that line need to be stopped? Is this about free speech or just more on the web we need to learn to ignore? Will you take a stance or just stand by and ignore it? gives their two cents.

One by one media gives an excellent perspective

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