We're Still Buddies Aren't We?

I’ve had diabetes for four years and my insulin pump for three. I spot other insulin pump users every now and then. If I catch their eye, I might wave my pump at them as a sort of salute “Me too”, I’m telling them. I battle the demon diabetes too.

Today I spotted a little boy two tables across from me at a picnic. He’s very carefully trying to shield others from spying his blue pump as he enters his carbs that he has in front of him for lunch. I decide not to flag him with my “pump wave”.

My grandson spots him too and looks up at me for recognition. Later the two of them are playing. The boy hangs upside down on the monkey bars and holds his t-shirt over his stomach to shield his pump, he plays alone. My grandson, a good four years younger, approaches him. Oh, no. My grandson points at the boy’s pump and back at me, he’s outed me.

The boy ambles slowly over, pretending to be busy at other activities. But I’m on to him. I’m a Grandma type, 52, and he’s only 10. It would be so uncool to talk to me, wouldn’t it?

He sits with his mom, sitting across from me. I give him a wave with my pump. We have the same pump I tell him. His eyes brighten and he displays the hidden pump, same one as me, different color. Suddenly, we have the world in common. He asks when I was diagnosed, I smile and tell him. He tells me he was diagnosed a long time ago, when he was nine. I tell him the pump is a whole lot better then needles and he agrees. We have a quiet discussion about the pump. I don’t feel so good he says, I think I’m low, and his parents pop out a juice pack for him.

HIs mom begins to discuss various diabetes related topics and he drinks his juice. I have to go, I give him another wave with my pump and he waves with his. We are diabetes buddies, forty years apart. I hope he finds another buddy closer to his age, although I’m pretty cool with all my body gadgets, I’m still a grandma type. I know very little about the embarrassment and isolation he feels. I’m way past that, I don’t care who sees my pump, I test my blood without regard for anyone looking, I don’t hang upside down and I don’t have a spiderman sticker on my supply case. But we’re still buddies, aren’t we?

Missing You

Back in 2000, I spent a week on Kauai. We had a great time until the day before we were scheduled to leave. That was the day it all went to hell and my heart problem reared its head again. I haven’t been separated from my 11 year old son since then.

This morning, we sent him off to 6th grade camp for a week. You’d think he was headed off to college by the way we’re acting. But the past year and a half has been such a living hell for us that this is just one more person to miss. I must come to terms with each of my children flying the nest, temporarily or permanently. I’m just not ready to let this one go yet.

My Vision for 2009

This year holds great promise for our country and hopefully for me and my family. I’ve been struggling with a general malaise that has hung over me like a cloud. But a helpful phone call lifted that cloud today and I’m back blogging today.

My phone call came from Kelly @ diabetesaliciousness. Kelly posted about silly things she’s done as a diabetic. We’ve all done them. She coined the term Moretic – moron and diabetic. I couldn’t let it rest, I grabbed the domain and sent her an email that it was hers. She phoned and we spoke at length about everything from diabetes to Halle Berry to John Travolta to, well, you name it. Thanks for talking and listening Kelly.

Momentum restored, I have some non-resolutions that I want to accomplish this year:

1. Learn how to play guitar
2. Lose weight
3. Finish writing my book
4. Put the book out as a Kindle on Amazon
5. Expand my business without losing my mind and health
6. Help my clients to expand their businesses without losing the same
7. Learn Russian
8. Increase my fitness level
9. Work on my relationships

I’ll keep adding to this as the ideas come.

Season's Greetings

Its nearly 7pm on Christmas day and I’m spending some downtime on the computer after a full two days of family fun. I’d like to wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous, healthy new year.

2009 can’t be any worse (or can it?) than 2008. We have a new president, not the one I was hoping for, but I must be thankful that Palin won’t be in office in her designer clothes and designer shoes. The economy has to improve, we have five houses in our immediate neighborhood that have been abandoned and foreclosed on. Two more neighbors have expressed that they are near to doing the same. Several neighbors have experienced job loss, a downsizing in their hours or are expecting a reduction in force. Several empty businesses haunt our main street, moved on to a different location or have closed up shop. It has to be better in 2009 and I know it will.

Christmas Meme #1

Wrapping paper or gift bags?
I like paper and ribbons.

Real tree or Artificial?
Always real. I love the smell and consider it part of our Christmas tradition to pick one out.

When do you put up the tree?
Two weeks before Christmas. Usually on a weekend.

When do you take the tree down?
The week after Christmas.

Do you like eggnog?
Yes, the real stuff. Egg yolks, creme, bourbon.

Favorite gift received as a child?
My own tv set when I was 9. I was always fighting with my Dad about
who could watch what and I was sick of football.

Hardest person to buy for?
My husband.

Easiest person to buy for?
My youngest son. A video game and he’s all set.

Do you have a nativity scene?
Nope. They look nice, but I’ve never bought one.

Mail or email Christmas cards?
Mail if I do it.

Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
A re-gift of old lady perfume.

Favorite Christmas Movie?
Its a Wonderful Life

When do you start shopping for Christmas?
As late as I can possibly get away with

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
See above.

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Chex mix

Lights on the tree?
Yes, always.

Favorite Christmas song?
Jingle Bells

Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Stay home

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Angel on the tree top or a star?
Angel, she’s been there for years.

Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
One on Christmas Eve, the rest in the morning.

Most annoying thing about this time of the year?
Decorating before Thanksgiving.

Favorite ornament theme or color?
Victorian or old fashioned

Favorite for Christmas dinner?
Roast Beef

What do you want for Christmas this year?
Peace on earth, a financially stable country. Oh, a CGMS system and a years
supply of One touch ultra test strips. An Amazon Kindle would be nice. I like
Christmas baskets (with different goodies).

What is your favorite thing about the holidays?
Having all the kids, mom and anyone else who wants to tag along over for Christmas

What I'm thank for…

I’m thankful for wonderful clients who respect me and my work. I’m thankful for a terrific bunch of kids, including a new addition (new son-in-law). I’m thankful for a supportive and loving spouse. I’m thankful for a mom who has been a godsend during this stressful year. I’m thankful for my house and that its still ours and still standing. I’m thankful for new medical devices and treatments that are keeping me alive and kicking. I’m thankful for friends I can count on. I’m thankful for technology that keeps me employed, interested and excited every day.

At the TCOYD Conference

I attended the TCOYD conference November 22, 2008. Although it was a perfectly acceptable conference, I did notice a major absence of smaller companies at the event. All the big guys were there, the drug companies, the pump companies, the meter companies, the well funded companies. I was really looking forward to seeing pump clothing, pump accessories and case manufacturers. Not a single company was there offering anything close to what I was looking for. There were more than 2,000 pancreatic-ally challenged folk there, it was disappointing. Am I seeing the financial situation impacting who could attend and who could not make the investment to travel to the event? Its interesting to think how widely the economy affects everything we do.

There were a handful of people with animals in the lead. I love to see the hard working dogs guiding their owners. One in particular had ‘passed out’ in anticipation of working harder later, Skip we were told, knows exactly when to catch a quick nap in between events.