Login Looping

My MacBook Pro suddenly decided to popup the login and refuse to allow me to enter anything. No login, no entry, just a looping login dialog. Its under warranty, so I called Applecare. She took me through everything I had already tried and we agreed it was time to bring it in. Local store had no openings until Thursday. She referred me to a local company called Cry Wolf.

After a quick double check of my backups, off we went. I was greeted by Gus, and he quickly took me through a couple of questions and the tech desk took the looping laptop to the back. Hopefully it won’t be anything outside of the warranty. I came home empty handed and already miss it.

But I’ve found a new place to come to for Apple products. Great folks, wonderful looking place, all the staff in black shirts. Knowledgeable, courteous. I’m very pleased (and hopeful).

OmniFocus and MobileMe

Problem: My iMac, MobileMe and Omnifocus working just fine. I’m able to sync to iCal, sync to the server and sync with MobileMe. My MacBookPro, I’m unable to sync to MobileMe (it says not synced no matter how many times I try to sync the calendars). I’m unable to load the iCal Sync preferences in Omnifocus and therefore I can’t sync from Omnifocus to iCal.

Step 1: Contacted Omnigroup. Sent me a stock response to a webpage to check if I’m setup properly. Since I can’t setup properly to begin with, that’s a wash. Its Saturday, what shall I try next.

Step 2: Reset sync data and unregister/register the computer. Wipe out the data in MobileMe.
Try to sync. No change.

Step 3: Turned on the Console and watched as I attempted a sync to MobileMe with just the calendar. Errors abound. Two in particular. One says that the port is invalid, the other says the database is locked. Hmm. What if SyncServices is corrupted and causing the whole issue – how to rebuild it?

Step 4: In user account>library>Application support. Throw SyncServices in the trash or move it to your desktop. Reboot.

Step 5: Sing a happy song, all is well again. I can sync to MobileMe, I can load all my calendars in Omnifocus preferences, I can set the context syncing to iCal, I can sync to iCal!

Step 6: Happiness. My iPhone syncs over the air with the data in MobileMe. Both my computers sync nicely to MobileMe and with one another’s data. Both computers can sync with Omnifocus data on MobileMe.

iPhone2 Software update

So glad I downloaded the iPhone 2 update yesterday and I didn’t purchase the new iPhone.
My iPhone and my apps are working just fine. Very impressed with Omnifocus and its sync ability. Love the applications that have location access built in. Since I’m usually home or work, not sure how
useful that’s going to be, but it sounds great.

I’m surprised there isn’t a blogging (text) application. I can upload images with a couple of apps, but I can’t send a text post. Pedometers, flashlights, lots of other utilities, but no blog editor.

Upgrading WordPress

How to prevent pressing the panic button on a WordPress upgrade and recover:

1. Ensure you have a complete backup of both the files in your WordPress installation folder and a complete backup of the database.

2. Download the WordPress compressed files and uncompress it to a folder on your local system

3. Upload all of the file via FTP to your website in the WordPress installation folder. I would suggest that you upload the individual files first, then each directory and its contents.

4. Go to your standard WordPress login url. If you aren’t redirected to the upgrade instructions, return to step 3 and make sure that you have uploaded all the files.

5. If you get the redirect to the upgrade page ok, click the upgrade link. You should sail smoothly through the upgrade process. If you get any errors, return to step 3, its likely that you haven’t uploaded all the files correctly.

Iphone 3G or Hellboy II?

Its a big decision. In the iPhone case, I’ll be standing in line long enough for me to decide that its just too much money to upgrade to a two-year contract, increase my monthly cost to account for the new data plan and I already know I don’t have 3G coverage where I live, but only in the surrounding area. I already have an iPhone and I’ll be able to get everything but 3G and GPS. We were out today and encountered a closed rode due to an accident. GPS would have been useful.

But, I do know that if the marketing efforts of Hellboy II are any indication of the movie’s quality, I’ll be better served to watch the movie, munch on some popcorn and wait for AT&T to recover their senses on how much money they need to make on the new iPhone.

Happy 2008

My (Mac) wishes for the coming year:

1. The 1.1.3 iPhone Update is more than a leak, turns into a gusher and is on the immediate horizon. Here’s hoping it will bring all the goodies that we’ve been pining for. (Can I ask for a way to sync my Todos?)

2. Leopard fixes its glitches so we can stop whining and all the programs we use most update to support Leopard.

3. A new iPhone will not release until sometime later in the year, after the existing one cleans up. I don’t want to get ticked off and have to buy a new one.

4. Omnifocus releases with the progressive improvements that Omnigroup has been giving us over the last year. Its a great product – but I know they can do better. I always hate when a teacher says that, but this is software, not my 10 year old. A better interface would be nice.

5. I find a replacement for OneNote on my Mac. I love the OneNote concept – but I hate using a PC.

Anyone care to add a wish of their own?


OneNote on OSX or I Coulda Been a Contenda!

My husband’s PC died a horrible death last week. Woke up one morning and it refused to boot. Lucky for him, my Vista Laptop has been languishing on my desk and was willing to step up to the plate.

I have been sorely disappointed with Vista and haven’t played much with the laptop, other than to do just that, play. I was setting up a couple of things for him and up popped OneNote. Wow! Sexy program that allows me to take notes and organize them in a binder like fashion.

Back to the Mac later in the day and I decided to see what was out there that would give me the same functionality, but on the Mac.

My feature list:

1. Maintain a single interface into all of my ‘online binders’
2. Allow me to enter in pictures, webpages, links, text, create lists, capture content from other applications, anything that is my system should be able to go into a note based document.
3. Searching capability is a must
4. Allow me to enter text with the keyboard or with a tablet (handwriting recognition?)
5. Drawing capability
6. Organization skills are a must
7. Output to multiple file types (Pages, Word, Excel, Numbers, Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF, etc)
8. Integration with Notes in my iPod (dare I ask – my iPhone too?)

More later.

So what’s the list of contendas?

1. Yojimbo
2. SOHO Notes
3. Voodoo Pad
4. Curio
5. Circus Ponies NoteBook

Anyone else have a note taking app or scrap book app that I should take a look at?

Steve – if you’re listening, can we have a Mac Tablet for next Christmas? I’ll even forgive you for leaving ToDos out of my iPhone.

How to Monetize Your (Fill in the blank)

Monetization – the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender. Translation: Making money. A few inventive ways of making money:

  1. 52 Ways to Monetize Your Photos
  2. 101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog – (Thanks to Amy @ insidecrm.com)
  3. Monetize Your Feed
  4. Monetize Your Video Downloads
  5. Monetize Web 2.0
  6. Monetize Your Body (Prostitution not involved)
    Monetize a Web Directory
  7. 7 Ways to Monetize Your Equity

(Blogging) Goals for 2008

The reason for the parens in the title, is that this year is my official goal year. I’m hitting 50 in 2008 and I want it to be a spectacular year.

I’m going to think of it as my last year – not on earth, but in this life. Because 2008 is going to be a different life.

Part of the goal set for 2008 is to upgrade my blog, yes, again.

Goal set 1:

I want to completely redo the template, with no outside 3rd party template. I’m going to create it from beginning to end.

RSS subscribers
I’m not keeping track of my subscriber count even though I use several tools to do so. I want to increase my subscriber count in general and specifically address attracting new subscribers.

Number of weekly posts
I’ve been particularly lax at posting every day. Since I now am using a new product to keep myself organized (Omnifocus and GTD), my goal will be to post every day. I’ve established a notebook to keep track of my blogging ideas and this will be the focus
for posting each day with fresh ideas.

I’ll add to my list of blog goals for 2008 as the new year gets closer.