I Must Vent

I’ve been an insulin pump enthusiast since 2007.  I took a break for financial and to rest my weary stomach area, but I’m still an enthusiast, not a user.  My pump ran its life to its end this month and I received a call from Medronic, expressing their interest on renewing our relationship and getting me a new pump.

That means lots of forms to fill out, Dr appointments and so on.  So I began the process.  A bit behind the wheel before I even began, since December represents the end of the year and the end of my 2012 insurance deductible.  A new insulin pump is a major investment with our without the deductible, but not even a consideration without my insurance company kicking in.

The insurance company insisted on new paperwork as if I was a new pump user.  That means I had to see my Dr on the last Saturday before the end of the year.  I was seen and paperwork was signed and sent in on Saturday.

Phone call early this morning and a pump representative says the paperwork wasn’t received.  No problem, I have my own copy.  Scanned my copy and sent it in.  Received another call later in the day, the paperwork isn’t properly filled in.  The Dr office crossed of the Dr name and didn’t fill in with the new Dr.  Phone calls back and forth, we can’t identify the Dr information.  I managed to call the local pharmacy and use the internet to identify all the information.  The next phone call told me I had wasted my time, the forms have to be filled in again with the correct information and resent.

I’ve been rejected for the new pump.  Lessons learned?

1. Start the process on my own earlier.  If you need something done, you need to do it yourself.

2. The insurance company has nothing to gain, from their perspective, on getting me new equipment, supplies or medicine.  Don’t rely on the insurance company to initiate, process or complete any request.

3. Medtronic did their best to complete the request.  Or did they?  Shouldn’t someone have double checked the forms on Saturday before everyone closed for the year?  Instead of working with three or more people, couldn’t there have been a concierge type of person to make sure the process was completed properly?

4. I’m sure my Dr felt that putting me in at the last minute was above and beyond what was required and I agree.  Perhaps someone could have checked to make sure the paperwork was filled out properly and received properly?

Perhaps I’m asking too much.  Perhaps not enough.  The pump company will be without me as a customer.  The insurance company will be happy that I will be saving money.  I will be the one with the possibility of another year of high numbers, needles, and looming complications.

Ah, life goes on, doesn’t it?

One thought on “I Must Vent

  • January 7, 2013 at 7:09 am

    So which of these individuals / organisations can put their hands on their hearts and say that they put the patient / client / customer first? Which one of them can take pride in their systems? You’re not asking too much, you’re expecting what many organisations imply they provide; but so few manage to fulfil.


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