Does My iPad Make Me More Productive?

Maybe you’ve already taken a sip of the purple drink and have your own iPad.  Perhaps you’ve sworn that you will never buy one.  Maybe you’re still on the fence and attempting to justify the expense.

You couldn’t pry my iPad out of my cold, dead hands, I plan to be buried with one.  At least the most recent release of one.  Let my kids figure that one out.

I use a product called RescueTime that detects what I do all day long and lets me have reports on how productive I am.  I can definitely say that a few things have increased my productivity and reduced my spin time.

One is Evernote.  I would spend my internet browsing time getting lost, following link after link and eventually forgetting what I was looking for in the first place.  Now I spend a fixed amount of time, pop all the interesting pages into Evernote and spend a bit of downtime on the iPad reviewing what I wanted to read.  I also blog in Evernote and automatically post from it using a plugin for WordPress called EverPress.  I write a note I want to post and put it in a specific notebook.  Everpress takes it from there and posts it automatically for me.

Two is my iPad.  I used to cart around my heavy binder full of planning pages.  Every year, I’d update the binder if it was falling apart and update the pages.  I didn’t always use all the pages that were provided, so there was always a big waste of paper.  My iPad functions as my library, currently its holding samples of books I want to read, books I’m currently reading and free content that I put into PDFs or ePUB format. Everything I need is there, in one place.

Writing and Reviewing documents.  I receive and send a lot of Word and Excel documents.  If its a lengthy document I’m writing, its going to take some back and forth review on my part before it looks how I want it to look.  I can collaborate and share documents with people using Dropbox.  I can annotate PDF documents, adding comments to something I want to get more information about.

My calendar.  I use a laptop, a desktop, a client site computer, my iPhone and my iPad.  Keeping it all in sync is fairly simple, even the parts that I publicize with clients.

Planning.  I’m a planaholic. I can spend volumes of time putting things to do in one place, categorizing them and checking off what’s been done.  Its fun and iPad apps like Bento, Things and Omnifocus make it enjoyable to be a bit more productive.

Books and News.  I’m a big book reader.  I call myself a bottle reader.    If I don’t have something to read, I’ll read the label on the nearest bottle.  I’m usually juggling several books, a couple in the throne room, a few in the living room.  Magazines are stacked in the same places.  I’ve switched many of my books over to the iPad and even more magazines over as well.  Tech books don’t work as well, but I think that’s my own limitation.

Do you love your iPad?  How does it help you?

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