Feel Free to Laugh…

I certainly did, right after the blood stopped.

Coming home from picking up my son at school. I had my cell phone, my wallet, my purse, two sets of keys in my hands and I’m trying to get it all together in order to unlock the front door of the house. We had two sets of storms, one after the other and my front area is damp and covered with bits of greenery from the trees and the wind.

My family has a long line of less then graceful people, we fall down when chewing gum and walking. I wasn’t even chewing gum. But my feet went out from under me. I see the next few seconds of my life flash in front of me. I see me falling head first into the large fountain, the two dolphins on it flying into the air and hitting the front door, making a dent, shattering the fountain and the dolphins. I have a rich imagination. No dolphins or fountains or doors were injured. I can’t say that for me.

I brace my fall, and save my iPhone by putting it into the dirt, my weight falling on my knees, elbows, wrists on the concrete. Ouch. I pull up my pant leg and look at my right knee, scraped free of skin. Lifting up the other pant leg, I notice a lump the size of a small lemon developing above my knee. Funny, I don’t remember that looking like that before.

After a short call to my Dr., he agrees to see me in his office. Nothing dangerous aside from my ego, the swollen knee, the bruises that will develop tomorrow, both arms ache, my wrist hurts, my scraped knee oozing. My blood pressure is 180 over 130. Evaluated for a stroke, but no, I’m just graceful. Go home with Naproxin and ice and a promise that I will feel much worse tomorrow.

Ok, you can stop laughing now.

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