I Feel Like a Hairball

I Feel Like a Hairball

Some days I feel like one of my cat’s hairballs. You cat owners know all about hairballs. You hear a gagging sound and the cat leaves a hairy gift on the carpet for you to clean up. That hairy gift looks nothing like a Star Trek Tribble, but you get the idea.

A hairball is something that the cat doesn’t want. They don’t like dealing with them but eventually ¬†they need to deal with them.

I work on projects that people don’t like to deal with. Backups, restorations, software installs, databases, websites, domains, imports and exports of data.

My work doesn’t seem all that important to others until it needs to be dealt with. Until the data needs crunching, the backup needs to be restored, the domain needs to be recovered.

It’s not procrastination, it’s more like avoidance. The approach is to avoid the meeting because there’s way more important tasks going on. The graphic designer, the marketing expert, you fill in the blank. I’m at the end of the line.

That’s okay. Just like a hairball, I have to be dealt with, eventually.

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