I am a Time Management Addict

Its true. There is no cure for this disease. Those of who have it wander from time management system to the next. If it needs doing, we make a list about it. We’ve tried planners, filofaxes, calendars, software, hardware, mobile devices, you name, it, we try it.

But I can honestly say that I’ve moved away from paper and moved to a digital system. Its a system that works for me, and it may work for you as well. I use GTD, Getting Things Done. It doesn’t require a particular paper, binder or digital system, I can use the methodology with any system that works for me. I have a Mac laptop and use Omnifocus desktop on it. On my iPhone and iPad, I use Omnifocus specifically for that device. Using Omnifocus enables me to keep everything on all three devices synced, all my projects, all my todos, my goals, my plans, everything. Every Sunday, I spend about an hour and perform a weekly review on my iPad, doing all the items on my review checklist. It keeps my mind from fretting about things that need to be done the rest of the week.

If you are also a time management addict, remember, it isn’t important what you use to keep your mind clear, its important that you have some kind of system and you use it consistently.  There are lots of methods to choose from.  Some may nor may not work for you.  You may have to design your own.  Don’t ever give up trying.  Once you have the method that works for you, its like gold, you’ll finally be free and have a mind that doesn’t fret.

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