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I have a great printer.  It does everything I need it to do except it isn’t AirShare compatible. That means I can’t print from my iPad using AirShare.  I also use my iPad away from from my normal WIFI connection quite a bit.  Enter Dropbox, my Mac with an Automator folder action and an app on the iPad – PDF Printer.

How to Print from your iPad from Anywhere with an Internet Connection

1. Create a folder in Dropbox.  You can call it anything you like, I called mine PrintQueue

2. Open Automator and choose Folder Action

3. Select the Choose folder dropdown and select the folder you created in step 1

4. Select Utilities/Print Finder Items and drag it over to your workflow

5. Select Files & Folders/Move Finder Items to Trash and drag it over to your workflow

6. Save it

7. Purchase and install PDF Printer for iPad onto your iPad

8. Open PDF Printer for iPad

9. Click on the settings icon on the left

10. Enter your credentials for your Dropbox account

Anytime you want to print from your iPad

1. Click on the browser icon on the left (Its the second one down)

2. Enter the URL you want to create into a PDF and print (Copy the URL in the Safari browser)

3. Tap the convert button in the upper right

4. Tap Convert to PDF

5. Enter a filename (Anything will do, you’ll be deleting it later)

6. Tap OK

7. Tap the Adobe icon on the left, it will have a NEW notification alert on it

8. Tap the share icon on the right next to the item you want to print

9, Tap Send to Dropbox

10. Select the PrintQueue folder (Or whatever you called it)

11. Tap Put Here

When you return to your default printer, you’ll find anything that was in the Dropbox folder is now on your printer.






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  • October 1, 2012 at 4:42 am

    hello there! if you like PDF printer for ipad you should def try writepdf as well ! 😉


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