Heading Toward a Shipwreck?

Business agility is the ability of a person or a business to rapidly respond to change. You respond to change by establishing or redefining your systems and configurations.

In the waters in the Atlantic Ocean, from the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay, south along the coastline to the North Carolina and around Sable Island, off the coast of central Nova Scotia, are known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Many of the over 400 shipwrecks in the past two hundred years, that have occurred in these areas, are due to two reasons. Two arctic streams meet there, and causing rough waters and in some cases, also thick fog, which increases danger, especially near Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Every ship and every sailor on the ship must follow a set of routines and systems to avoid catastrophes. Both your company and you should have a stable set of routines, systems and a configuration that enables avoiding business catastrophes.

My third great-grandfather, James Thomas Hartshorne Hankinson, was lost at sea in 1869. I know he was a sailor and lived in Nova Scotia. James was descended from a long line of Hankinsons, including Rueben Hankinson, a loyalist in during the American revolution. His daughter, Mary Alice Hankinson was my great-grandfather’s daughter.  If you have an interest in genealogy, I have a section on my personal website and blog that have stories about my various relatives.

I bring this to light for two reasons. I’m a genealogist, researching my eight family lines. One of those lines is Hankinson, and I’ve been able to track the family line back fifteen generations thanks to finding James Hankinson.

I apply my agile skills as a genealogist. Genealogy requires the ability to recognize a problem, knowing how to find solutions and resources, understanding skills and strategies to evaluate, analyze and deduce facts. Those same skills help me as a technologist. I specialize in helping my clients make their businesses and themselves more agile through the use of technology.

Let me help you improve your business agility and avoid events that can cause a business shipwreck. Let me be your lighthouse, lighting your way to business success.

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