Steve Jobs – Rest in Peace

Steve JobsMany years ago I did a bit of programming on a hugely expensive computer named Lisa. Years later, i saved up to buy my first Mac. It had no hard disk, just double floppy drives and an amazing ability to outshine my PC. It actually spoke. A colorful IMac and laptop followed. My first Macbook Pro lightened my backpack weight, eliminating my need for a heavy PC laptop.

Today, i have an iPhone, an IPad 2, a 27 inch iMac and a Macbook Pro. One or more of them are always with me. Steve Jobs is responsible for making technology accessible and portable. His innovative ideas and his ability to lead others to implement them changed our lives.

Steve Jobs died peacefully with his family around him. I hope he was able to die knowing his innovations had a huge impact on our day to day lives. He goes down in history with many others who changed our lives.

Apple, the company he co-founded, was removed from, rescued from near bankruptcy and ultimately led to being one of the world’s most valuable companies, will go on without him. I hope that it will pick up the vision and move beyond it, above it. I hope they learn to stop asking themselves ‘What would Steve do?’. Instead, concentrating on solving the problems that technology can solve and sometimes creates.

Steve has a lesson for us all. He loved what he did for a living. He rose every morning and lived it to the fullest. Steve, you will be missed, but thanks to your visionary mind, you will be remembered and your legacy will live on.

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