Scrivener and Blogging

I’ve always preferred to blog online in my browser. Never had any issues with the process. From Greymatter, to MoveableType, to WordPress, not a single issue that would cause me to switch.

Enter Scrivener. Scrivener is a word processing application on the Mac. But to call it that is like calling a diamond a rock. Scrivener allows me to keep my blog posts, the research for the posts, the urls, the images, everything in one place. I can output the content to an HTML document in TextMate. From there, its a quick couple of keystrokes to change the template to the blogging template and post to my blog with the TextMate Blogging Bundle. In between, I can spellcheck, rearrange, preview and format without touching my browser. And best of all, for that day that will come, the day where my online editing process fails, an offline archive off all my posts.

Now I just need to figure out a way to grab all the content from WordPress so I have the complete blog on my desktop.