Making Yourself More Twitterific

If you’re just venturing into Twitter or you’ve been at it for awhile, we’re all looking for ways to make us stand out in the crowd.

First off, why do you Twitter in the first place? A great article on Business Week by John A. Byrne on Why I Twitter.

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Norman…Is That You?

Joining Twitter brings you the wonderful addition of people who can follow you. It also brings people who can pretend to be someone else by creating a Twitter account with a familiar name. Imagine your response when you discover that someone you have an interest in is following you.

After following them and then checking it out a bit more, you discover that they really aren’t who they say they are. Rats, I knew Bill Gates didn’t have the time to play with Twitter.

Seth Godin posted awhile back about the subject (via @Scobleizer on Twitter). It leads to another great post on about securing your names and brands on social sites before someone else does. TheLinkspiel has a similar post.

I can hear the grumbling now. I don’t have time to blog, don’t have time to Twitter, don’t have time to… you fill in the blank. I do wonder how the heavy hitters find the time to do it all. When do they squeeze in sleeping?

(Happy 21st birthday to my birthday girl, Samantha. She just walked in the front door with a balloon and cake in hand from school. I can hardly believe she’s 21 when it just seems like yesterday they handed me a tiny five pounder who wouldn’t take any crap from anyone. The German nurse said I would have my hands full with her. She hasn’t changed a bit. I’m so proud of her. She’s a spitfire.)

Twitter and Productivity

Are you a twitteraholic or twitterphobic? If you’ve discovered twitter, take a look at a few ways that it can improve your productivity.

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