What Are You Waiting For?

One of my daughters lives in Okinawa, Japan with her husband and two dogs.  Now, you have to realize that 35 years ago, I was on the same island with my husband for our very first military tour.  The one thing I regret not doing while we were there was traveling more often.  We did some sightseeing, the island has quite a few historical locations and the culture is quite different.  But I didn’t do any traveling off the island to Japan or anywhere else.  Then the kids came along and money and time dwindled.

I’ll recommend to you what I’m recommending to my daughter.  Do as much travel as you can.  See the sights, even if that means hitting the local spots around your hometown.  If the opportunity strikes for you to travel to a land far away, say yes.  Do it now, because life is short and you may never get the same chance.

Eat the food, experience the culture, learn the language of where you live, especially if its a foreign land.  But I’ll tell someone who is moving to a new city of state or across the country to do the same thing.  If you end up living in Paris, France or Paris, Texas, learn everything you can, see everything, eat everything.

If you’re a military person or married to one, you have no excuse that you’re bored.  Stop living on base and get up off your butt and out the door.  If you’re by yourself, just do it, if you have a spouse, kids, grab them and hop into your car, on your bikes or just go on foot.  Hit the beach, climb the mountains, visit the caves, explore it all.

Soon enough you’ll be on your last wish, don’t let it be that you wished you had seen more of the world.  What are you waiting for?  Go see the world.

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